October 30, 2015

Dave Stech



Purpose Built Investments / CEO

Dave-Headshot-2013Dave is Founder and CEO of Purpose Built Investments™ (PBI), a real estate private equity firm with a proven track record for producing exceptional double-digit results by marrying private investor capital (self-directed IRA holders and high net worth individuals) with highly profitable deals (private lending). Passive investors simply write the check and PBI does the rest. Over the past 5 years alone, Dave and his firm have invested in and exited from 2,024 deals, and their scorecard is a jaw-dropping 2023 wins and 1 loss.

Dave is a regular speaker at Harvard and, in 2005, he forecasted that the real estate market was about to implode. He put his money where his mouth was and liquidated all of his firm’s real estate holdings in the U.S and alerted his investors to do the same. He then sat on the sidelines from 2006 to 2008 while it all played out. During his Harvard presentation in 2008, Dave predicted that the #1 “buy” market in the U.S. would be Las Vegas by 2011 and he started buying again with a vengeance. Two years later, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and almost all of the major publications heralded Las Vegas – you guessed it – as the #1 “buy” market in the U.S.

Dave credits his real estate investing success to the research he does and the mastermind groups he’s been a part of. Over the past three years, Dave has created his own mastermind groups of private lenders and real estate “flippers” with a singular purpose — to win The Money Game™ together — by adding a zero to members’ net worth and income tax-free while creating an amazing life.

Dave is a proud resident of Puerto Rico for both lifestyle and tax reasons. He grew up in a trailer park for the first 12 years of his life and has since early-retired 3 times as CEO/President of early-stage technology companies. Dave served in senior management with Kodak where he launched the first disposable camera for Kodak, and the first digital postcard with Disney. He graduated with distinction from Purdue University (undergrad) and the London School of Economics (grad). Dave’s passion is rescuing dogs, and is a strong supporter of Puerto Rico Alliance for Companion Animals, Inc