October 30, 2015

Ralph Marshall


Wilmington Financial  / Senior VP, Portfolio Management

RalphMarshall-squareI’ve been in the aviation industry for most of my life. I began my career scrubbing dirty bellies (airplane washer) of Cessna 152’s and 172’s at the age of 12. Now, 30 years later, I’m an officer in the United States Air Force Reserve and have flow as a pilot for a couple major US airlines.

However, my other passion is operating a privately held investment company. From 2009 through 2012, while running my own business, I ran the pricing/acquisition desk for a Private Equity Company based out of Dallas, TX. This is where I learned the nuts and bolts of alternative investing from seasoned veterans of the business.

Our company, Wilmington Financial, LLC, adopted the US Air Force core values of ”Integrity, Service, and Excellence” deliberately. Wilmington Financial operates with the same pride of service, precision, and discipline that is the hallmark of the men and women who proudly serve in the US Air Force.

Wilmington Financial, founded in 2008, is a Delaware-based private equity company that purchases, holds, and sells mortgage loans (notes) secured by real estate all over the United States. Wilmington Financial works with private investors who are seeking passive income streams, secured by real estate and also with institutions seeking to liquidate performing and non-performing assets.